November 2022

Hammerton's handcrafted lighting fixtures illuminate spaces with timeless elegance and unparalleled artistry. Explore the articles below to discover the craftsmanship and sophistication behind these luminous masterpieces, expertly forged by our passionate artisans.

Home for the Holidays: Delectable Dining-Room Lighting

'Tis the season for holiday celebrations and family gatherings! With thoughtful consideration of your table aesthetics, excellent dining room lighting should be top of mind. Hammerton fixtures offer ambient & task lighting in elegan...
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Designer Spotlight: Jonna Robison

Park City Interior Designer Jonna Robison has a unique ability to create effortlessly beautiful spaces with luxurious touchable textures and soothing organic elements. As a Utah resident, Robison's inspiration stems from her surroundi...
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Above the Norm: Elevated Kitchen Island Lighting

In recent years, open concept living has taken the interior design world by storm. Living, dining, and kitchen spaces have become one, and the kitchen island now serves as command central for a myriad of activities. From morning family brea...
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Room Spotlight: Home Office Lighting

With remote and hybrid work being today's norm, it's important to have a functional office space that's also a joy to work in. While at-home work attire may be sweats or jammies, a well-dressed work space invites you to be more focused, rel...
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project spotlight: ‘big island’ oasis

Nestled amidst a verdant oasis on the island of Hawaii, this luxurious project by Willman Interiors emerged from a specific objective: create an airy sanctuary that withstands the test of time. Enduring design elements and luxury-grade ...
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