May 2023

Explore our handcrafted lighting design collections. Simple yet elegant silhouettes, surprising design, and authentic materials bring distinctive style to every space in the home.

Geology Lesson: Nature-Inspired Lighting Designs.

Drawing on the unique geology of our home state of Utah, we've curated a beautiful line-up of nature-inspired lighting designs that evoke the look of unearthed stones and minerals. Our Pebble, Rock Crystal, and Gem collections blend intrigu...
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‘Out of this World’ Lighting Designs.

   In typical Hammerton fashion, we've elevated two familiar fixture styles with intriguing details and unique silhouettes to create a look that's 'out of this world'. Like celestial bodies emitting a mesmerizing glow, Nebula and St...
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In large outdoor entryways and living spaces, decorative lighting can be hard to get right. Off-the-shelf exterior light fixtures are typically too diminutive in scale, and most are limited in style and quality. That's where Hammerton c...
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Dark Sky Certified Lighting: Know the Facts

An increasing number of municipalities and planned communities nationwide require International Dark Sky Association (IDA) certified lights. But what does this mean? 'Dark Sky' refers to the absence of artificial light in the night s...
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Creating a ‘Hammerton House’

Vero Beach-based Spectrum Interior Design used an intriguing design element to unify the interiors of a recent Barrier Island remodel. Tasked with elevating its visual aesthetics, Spectrum outfitted this entire waterfront home with a curate...
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