Extraordinary Design Value In American Artisan Craftsmanship

When we introduced the Hammerton Studio brand in 2014, we saw an enormous opportunity to raise the bar in decorative lighting.

In design, we wanted to lead rather than follow. In construction, we wanted to showcase Hammerton’s renowned reverence for time-honored artisan craftsmanship and authentic materials. In performance, we wanted to provide highly reliable solutions that far exceeded industry norms for both aesthetics and function.

After nine years of remarkable growth, it’s clear we are on the right track.

A Quarter Century of Innovative Lighting Design

Hammerton Studio stands atop over a quarter century of company experience pushing the boundaries of innovative custom lighting design. Each collection has been inspired by custom work brought to life by the Hammerton design team in collaboration with leading interior design professionals over the years. Built to your specifications by our artisans, every light reflects the uncompromising design and attention to detail that is distinctly Hammerton. And fixtures ship in just weeks.

Bottom line, we believe you won’t find this level of design value in American artisan craftsmanship elsewhere.

The Hammerton Heritage

Since 1995, Hammerton has set the industry standard for boldly designed American-made lighting that is exquisitely handcrafted, perfectly proportioned and meticulously detailed. But like many notable businesses, it started with two men in a garage. One of those men, Levi Wilson, grew up in his father’s ornamental iron fabrication shop and had the art of metalcraft in his blood.

Hammerton got its foothold by serving the burgeoning second home market in nearby Park City, and word of the young upstart company spread fast. Levi’s obsession with uncompromising aesthetic and functional design, perfect scale and his ‘10-inch rule’ – requiring each completed fixture to satisfy a discerning eye from less than a foot away – were the guiding principles that attracted the attention of leading designers and architects nationwide and fueled the company’s growth.

Design Leadership in Custom Lighting

Over the last 28 years, Hammerton has developed its design leadership position by expanding beyond steel to include artisan blown and cast glass, woven steel mesh, eco-resins, acrylics and crystal as well as aluminum, bronze, rawhide, mica, textiles and more. Over half of production includes some element of custom work — whether it’s scaling a catalog product to fit a particular space, incorporating customer-specified materials, or creating completely custom fixtures from scratch.

Today, the Hammerton team of over 150 artisans, designers, engineers and sales and service personnel operates out of the company’s 50,000 square foot Salt Lake City facility. Hammerton fixtures illuminate leading hotels and restaurants, luxury resorts and casinos, corporate headquarters, private clubs and some of the most beautiful homes in North America.


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