April 2017

Hammerton's handcrafted lighting fixtures illuminate spaces with timeless elegance and unparalleled artistry. Explore the articles below to discover the craftsmanship and sophistication behind these luminous masterpieces, expertly forged by our passionate artisans.

Craft-based value engineering

An oxymoron? We disagree.  Indeed, conventional wisdom would claim that quality craftsmanship rarely comes at a competitive price. But quite the opposite is true at Hammerton. We’ve spent two decades refining our operational sk...
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A VIEW FROM THE SHOP: Crystal Fused Glass

DCH-2-045-16A-B Welcome to our 'View from the Shop', a monthly custom spotlight series presented  by the Hammerton design team. Each month we'll give you a 'first look' of one or more recent custom projects hot off the shop fl...
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