April 2024

Hammerton's handcrafted lighting fixtures illuminate spaces with timeless elegance and unparalleled artistry. Explore the articles below to discover the craftsmanship and sophistication behind these luminous masterpieces, expertly forged by our passionate artisans.

Elevating Recycled Glass to Functional Art.

Repurposing scrap glass to create functional art may seem unorthodox, but at Hammerton it’s the norm. Our upcycled crystal glass collections, Axis and Glacier, showcase our expertise in innovative design while demonstrating our ability to...
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One Designer’s Take on Elevated Remodels.

When renovating a home, lighting plays a pivotal role in redefining ambiance, accentuating architectural features, and infusing spaces with a renewed sense of character. That's why Chicago-based Jamie Schachtel Design Group consistently rel...
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