September 2016

Hammerton's handcrafted lighting fixtures illuminate spaces with timeless elegance and unparalleled artistry. Explore the articles below to discover the craftsmanship and sophistication behind these luminous masterpieces, expertly forged by our passionate artisans.

Dramatic Dome Designs

The dome style of light fixture has been around as long as the lightbulb -- literally.  In the first years of the 20th century the earliest commercial electric bulbs were scarcely brighter than a gaslight flame, so housing multiple bulbs ...
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A Modern Take on a Timeless Look

[gallery size="medium" ids="51595,48103,51507"] This popular design family from the Hammerton Chateau collection shows how a marriage of old and new can be marvelously magical. Fondly called 'Chateau Redux', these fixtures ...
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Coaxing Nature from Glass & Steel

At Hammerton, we’re passionate about using common materials to create uncommon lighting designs. While glass and steel are certainly conventional materials, using them artistically to evoke nature-inspired lighting designs is not. Our art...
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