project spotlight: ‘big island’ oasis

Nestled amidst a verdant oasis on the island of Hawaii, this luxurious project by Willman Interiors emerged from a specific objective: create an airy sanctuary that withstands the test of time. Enduring design elements and luxury-grade quality were ‘must haves’, taking into account the home’s tropical environment and secluded location. Principal Designer Gina Willman used a palette of island-inspired details including native woods, natural textures, and coastal colors, incorporating Hammerton Studio lighting to complement the contemporary island architecture and open air layout of the home.

For the exterior spaces, Willman selected the Hammerton Heritage Double Box Outdoor Lantern in a dark bronze finish to echo the home’s sleek architectural lines and lend beautiful contrast to the white stone walls. At the entrance, the interplay of warm diffused light with wood tones and natural materials frame an unforgettable first look into this timeless oasis home.


Inside the home, Willman’s choice of lighting was equally thoughtful. Fixtures from the Hammerton Studio Optic Blown Glass collection provide visual intrigue without obstructing the spacious feel of the open floorpan or the surrounding views. Uniquely textured crystal glass pendant fixtures in the kitchen and dining spaces offer a luxurious artisan touch and plenty of light, allowing the beautiful interiors to shine day or night.

“There are no cookie-cutter concepts in anything we do, each project is customized and imaginative. Combining artisan touches and stylish contemporary detail, we do what we do best: put elements together in ways that are fresh, gratifying, and reflective of our client’s tastes.”   -Gina Willman, Willman Interiors

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