Modern Organic Masters.

Aalto Modern Branch Chandelier | Stacey Marks Interiors | Brian Berkowitz Photography

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, modern organic style has emerged as a dominant force, captivating the eye with its seamless blend of natural elements and contemporary sophistication. These interiors exude refinement, effortlessly layering organic textures, clean lines, and neutral hues to create spaces that feel both inviting and elegant.

For over two decades, Hammerton has stood at the forefront of integrating nature-inspired elements into lighting design. Our journey began in 1995 with the rustic realism of the original Log & Timber collection, setting the stage for our ongoing commitment to innovative craftsmanship. Today, the Hammerton Signature brand proudly features modern interpretations like Verdi and Pyrite, while Hammerton Studio offers dozens of captivating organic-inspired fixtures— showcasing a 30-year evolution of design excellence.

This deep-rooted connection to the natural world drives our passion for crafting fixtures that embody the essence of modern organic style. Hammerton artisans expertly combine luxurious blown crystal glass and hand-forged metal to bring these designs to life, resulting in pieces that are equally as stunning as they are functional.

Witness the transformative power of Hammerton lighting and dive into our nature-inspired designs below!

Luna Modern Vine Chandelier
Blossom Ring Chandelier | Simply Inspired Interior Design | Kevin Brost Photography
Rock Crystal Flush Mount
Gem Radial Ring Chandelier | Aspen Leaf Interiors | Tom Zikas Photography
Raindrop Pendants | Bolder Spaces and LuxCraft | In House Photos
Fiori Modern Branch Chandelier
Aalto Modern Vine Chandelier | Vivax Interiors
Rock Crystal Ring Chandelier | Allyson Runnels Interiors | Jack Gardner Photography
Gaia Twisted Vine Chandelier
Raindrop Sconce | Bolder Spaces and LuxCraft | In House Photos
Mesa Twisted Vine Chandelier
Blossom Modern Branch Chandelier
Fiori Flush Mount
Rock Crystal Modern Branch Chandelier | Kimberly Parker Design | Joshua Caldwell Photography

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