Elevated Outdoor Lighting: Style & Durability.

Hammerton Studio outdoor light fixtures stand as a testament to the marriage of form and function, elevating the exterior aesthetics of any space while offering unparalleled durability in every environment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these fixtures seamlessly blend refined architectural styles with marine-grade finishes and LED technology, setting the new industry standard in outdoor lighting.

Sleek silhouettes mirror modern design trends, while robust construction ensures long-lasting durability in the roughest climates, from mountain retreats to coastal havens and arid landscapes. But it’s not just about looks: many Hammerton Studio outdoor designs are compliant with IDA Dark Sky standards, minimizing light pollution while maximizing illumination efficiency. And, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, these fixtures are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing a reliable lighting solution for years to come.

Discover how Hammerton Studio outdoor fixtures can elevate your home’s exterior, blending superior design with unmatched durability. Explore our AAMA-certified 3-step finish process, Dark Sky compliance, and the industry’s only lifetime coastal finish warranty to experience how these fixtures can transform your outdoor spaces into stylish and functional settings.

AAMA-Certified Finish Process:

All Hammerton Studio outdoor fixtures are constructed in naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum. When properly pretreated and finished, aluminum stands up to the harshest climates. We also design our outdoor products so that each component can be separately pretreated and finished prior to assembly, eliminating the presence of microscopic voids that trap corrosion-causing moisture. This process provides an added measure of resistance against the weathering and corrosive effects of humidity and salty sea air, and has been subjected to rigorous UV and salt spray tests to ensure effectiveness.


Dark Sky Compliance:

An increasing number of municipalities and planned communities across the U.S. now require International Dark Sky Association (IDA) approved lights to minimize glare, light trespass, and night sky pollution. However, if you’ve ever sourced architectural quality IDA approved light fixtures, you know they aren’t easy to find. Furthermore, many outdoor lights marketed as “Dark Sky friendly” actually do not carry the IDA certification seal, and often fail inspection after they are installed. The good news? Many popular Hammerton Studio outdoor lights are IDA-certified or include IDA-compliant options.


The Industry’s Only Lifetime Coastal Finish Warranty:

It’s a well-known fact that coastal climates can cause outdoor light fixtures to fail within months of installation. Salty sea air, high humidity, and heavy UV rays from direct sunlight will corrode and fade most outdoor finishes in just a season or two. The dirty little secret is that very few lighting manufacturers will provide any kind of outdoor finish warranty in coastal or tropical environments. In fact, Hammerton Studio is the only leading outdoor lighting brand that provides a lifetime finish warranty on all residential installations, including those within 10 miles of a seacoast.



1. Double Box Outdoor Sconce: This classic outdoor design features an outer lens in clear seeded glass and an inner lens in frosted seeded glass. AC LED lamping minimizes energy consumption and fixture maintenance. IDA Dark Sky compliant.


2. Maison Outdoor Sconce: This versatile box-style sconce juxtaposes contemporary lines with the rugged look of hand-hewn stone in a blown glass lens. The LED light source is cleverly concealed to direct light downward in compliance with Dark Sky regulations.


3. Landmark Outdoor Pendant: A contemporary twist on a classic lantern style, the Landmark Pendant features a beautiful hand blown glass shade with optional banded metalwork detail surrounding the glass.


Terrace Outdoor Pendant Light

4. Terrace Outdoor Pendant Light: A classic look that suits a broad range of transitional and traditional architectural styles, this oversized pendant design features a metal outer frame with seeded glass and an interior diffuser in hand blown glass.


5. Square Outdoor Cover Sconce: Hand textured, kiln-fused glass is paired with ruggedly durable aluminum construction that’s marine-grade pre-treated and guaranteed to last for as long as you own the fixture.


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