Designers looking to extend a particular aesthetic through light fixtures often turn to Hammerton to work with customer-specified materials. We can build ceiling lights with just about any type of material required, from the simple and straightforward to the wildly creative.

Often, clients will ask us to incorporate a specific fabric, lens material or finish color into a fixture in order to extend certain interior design elements into the decorative lighting. However, many custom designs require more creative measures. For example, we’ve designed a number of whimsical fixtures that incorporate some type of novelty piece, such as a canoe or fishing rod, an airplane propeller, or even yak bells. We’ve even crafted lights to incorporate functional items, such as a video projector.

At Hammerton, we can modify any of our catalog fixtures to include customer-specified materials, and we can also create entirely new fixtures from scratch. Take a look at a few of our projects involving customer-specified materials in the gallery above, and tell us which is your favorite.

Log and Timber Large Chandelier
This modified version of one of our Log & Timber chandeliers is a perfect example of working with customer-specified materials. We incorporated a grape motif with custom blown shades in a rich dark red as a nod to the fixture’s location in a large wine room.
Gondola Light
A Park City client with sweeping views of 3 ski resorts asked us to create a trio of 2/3 scale gondola “fixtures” for his backyard.
Functional Large Chandelier
A client wanted “invisible” video capability in her large great room, but the vaulted beam ceiling made conventional solutions impossible. To solve the problem, Hammerton incorporated a projector into this functional light fixture.
Fishing Linear Suspension Light
We incorporated a casting rod into this pool table light for a client’s fishing lodge.
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