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As our days start cooling down, there’s nothing quite like coming home to the warm glow of a custom candle light fixture. Once relegated to rustic spaces, candle light fixtures have taken on a fresh, new form and a distinct contemporary aesthetic, making them a versatile choice for today’s more modern homes. These distinctive lights capture all of the beauty and ambiance of a lit candle while offering numerous design possibilities to suit your home’s unique decor.

Whether traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, all of Hammerton’s expertly crafted candle light fixtures exude a time-honored aesthetic with a sophisticated, modern twist. The type of candle base used in each fixture dramatically impacts the overall aesthetic. For example, melted wax candles are perfect for traditional and rustic-style homes, while steel-base candles add a industrial-inspired element to more contemporary interiors. Our mastery of design and metalwork allows us to craft these elegant fixtures with clean lines and simple forms that work well in a variety of spaces.

You can view some of Hammerton’s most recent custom candle light fixtures by clicking through the gallery above.

If you’re interested in including one of these finely crafted candle light fixtures in your home, or if you’re interested in creating your own custom piece, contact Hammerton at 801.973.8095 for a design consultation.

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