Top Seller Spotlight: The Triple Apex

Back in the 1990’s, when Hammerton was busy making custom pinecone-laden and Craftsman-style fixtures for luxury hotels and residences popping up throughout the intermountain west, many clients began looking ‘across the pond’ for a classic old-world look that was equally as timeless and enduring. From this, the ‘Triple Apex’ design was born.

Combining elements of a dramatically tiered arm chandelier and a more approachable wagon wheel fixture style,  the Triple Apex exudes a warmth and elegance that’s difficult to capture in a large-scale chandelier design.

As shown above, the Triple Apex is 72″ in diameter and over 80″ in height. Its bold scale, softened with hand-finished steel and delicate candle-style lamping, offers an ideal look for many luxury mountain residences like the one below in Park City, Utah.

Remarkably, this classic chandelier style remains as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, and at any given time there’s usually some version of it coming through our fabrication shop. Shown here are several photos taken last week of two Triple Apex fixtures in production for a large Minnesota residence.

As you can imagine, the fixture takes multiple artisans and dozens of hours to fabricate and finish. Many of the Hammerton artisans shown in these photos have been building the Triple Apex since those early days and are among the most valued members of our team.


Our designer clients appreciate the versatility of the Triple Apex and have incorporated it into some breathtaking interiors over the years. Below are two photos of an installation in a European country-style residence beautifully designed by Duvall Architecture & Interiors in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Apex fixture is also available in single and double tier versions. Shown above are two examples of smaller scale Apex designs that have been styled to suit two very different interiors. On the left, lashed rawhide shades and a brushed Antique Iron finish give the fixture a more rustic western vibe, while glass cylinders and a bronze finish capture a more transitional aesthetic for the European-inspired kitchen on the right.

If you’d like to incorporate the Triple Apex into one of your current or upcoming projects, give us a call!

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