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The Softer Side of Mesh

Fundamentally, woven steel mesh is a rugged utilitarian material. But in lighting design is it suited solely for gritty, industrial interiors? We don’t think so.

A decade ago, our design team fell in love with mesh because they saw  remarkable potential that extended well beyond the obvious. Mesh magically pairs strength and softness, volume and airiness, simplicity and sophistication — all simultaneously. With thoughtful design, the material offers a sleek, urban-inspired aesthetic that transcends its humble utilitarian heritage, and brings surprising elegance to a wide range of fixture styles.

Indeed, when common materials are used in uncommon ways, the result is often magical. Browse the images below and let us know if you agree. 

Modified LA2149

Modified LA 2149 detail

 Despite its industrial nature, mesh is an ideal lighting material for interiors that bridge design styles.  Here, a series of simple geometric light fixtures sheathed in fine steel mesh underscore the inventive blend of ‘old and new, rustic and refined’ at this Andalusian-inspired restaurant   overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Project: Watertable Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, CA. Interiors: EDG Interior Architecture & Design. 


Modified PL2159

MESH CEILING FIXTURES:  A few of our favorites

MESH WALL FIXTURES: A few of our favorites

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