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There’s no better way to bring a rustic lighting design to life than with a natural landscape or a beautifully crafted animal motif. Hammerton’s Log & Timber Collection offers a variety of lighting designs that boast gorgeous landscapes and detailed animal silhouettes against a glowing background of illuminated mica, acrylic or glass. These fixtures add personality, warmth and artisan detail to any interior or exterior environment.

There are a variety of silhouette fixtures on the market, but not all are made alike. The majority are simply machine-cut panels of thin steel or aluminum with little to no artistic detail or personality. Hammerton silhouette lights are very different: they’re handcrafted from multiple layers of steel and incorporate texture and dimensionality to capture realistic elements of each landscape and animal. Our artisans employ grinding and distress techniques to add these lifelike details to deer, moose, elk, wolf, bear, buffalo, horse, or even the family dog. Yes, we even create custom silhouettes fixtures, and have included a few of our favorites here.

We invite you to browse through the photo gallery above for a closer look at these elaborate landscapes and silhouettes.

If you would like to learn more about the customization options available with our Log & Timber Collection, or if you’re looking for assistance from an experienced lighting designer,contact Hammerton today by emailing or by calling 801.973.8095.

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