Good lighting can make a world of difference in the design of a well appointed wine room. Your cellar’s overhead lighting can spotlight your wine collection while simultaneously setting a relaxing atmosphere for your enjoyment. When it comes down to the wire, the perfect combination of architectural and decorative lighting can make or break your wine’s room’s aesthetic appeal.

Wine room ceilings are often low, so ceiling lights or semi-flush mounts are a great option for overhead lighting. When customized with a variety of finishes, materials and shades, these functional fixtures can provide a truly unique look by serving as a piece of three-dimensional artwork. As shown in the gallery above, Hammerton’s Log & Timber Collection features a grape motif option that is a popular artistic look for wine cellar ceiling lights.

For higher ceilings, a custom chandelier can make a dramatic statement. We recently designed a breathtaking chandelier as a sculptural cascade of tangled grapevines suspended from the ceiling, accented with blown art glass shades in cabernet red. Decorative chandeliers with a simpler silhouette, rich finishes and sleek materials offer a more contemporary vibe. A cluster of pendant lights can offer an interesting alternative to a traditional chandelier.

Appropriate accent lighting can be achieved with a combination of display lights and sconces. Display lights can highlight your wine collection and set the ambiance of the entire room. Spotlights can be pointed at picture openings and table areas, while LED rope lighting can be designed and installed into the display angle of bottle racks.

Sconces can help illuminate walls near seating areas, or they can flank the door to your wine room for an impressive welcoming. Like chandeliers, sconces offer a number of decorative options and can be used to enhance a seamless theme. A tailor-made look can be created by choosing the same or coordinating finishes and materials as the other fixtures in the room.

For an in-depth look into how Charles River Wine Cellars utilized custom Hammerton light fixtures to add the perfect accent to a recent wine cellar project, click here.

If you’ve got a stylish taste for your reds and whites and need help lighting your wine cellar, contact Hammerton for a custom lighting solution that’s uniquely yours.

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