The Industry’s Only Lifetime Coastal Finish Warranty.

It’s a well-known fact that coastal climates can cause outdoor light fixtures to fail within months of installation. Salty sea air, high humidity, and heavy UV rays from direct sunlight will corrode and fade most outdoor finishes in just a season or two.

The dirty little secret is that very few lighting manufacturers will provide any kind of outdoor finish warranty in coastal or tropical environments. In fact, Hammerton Studio is the only leading outdoor lighting brand that provides a lifetime finish warranty to the original purchaser on installations within 10 miles of a seacoast.

How can we offer this? Hammerton Studio outdoor fixtures undergo a rigorous three-step fabrication, pretreatment, and finish process that’s been certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) to withstand fading and corrosion caused by extreme climate conditions. Here are the details:

Step 1: Fabrication  All Hammerton Studio outdoor fixtures are constructed in naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum. When properly pretreated and finished, aluminum stands up to the harshest climates.

Step 2: Pretreatment  Prior to finishing, our outdoor fixtures are pretreated with a chromate conversion coating that encourages adhesion of the powder coating and provides an added measure of corrosion resistance. While this pretreatment is critical to a long-lasting finish, few lighting manufacturers incorporate this step into their production process.

Step 3: AAMA 2604 Finishes  We finish our outdoor fixtures with super durable AAMA 2604-rated powder coat finishes that provide superior protection to retain color and gloss. These powders have been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure effectiveness. Importantly, all of our outdoor fixture components are separately pretreated and finished prior to assembly, which eliminates the presence of microscopic voids that can trap corrosion causing moisture.

Since 2015 we’ve followed this rigorous three-step AAMA-certified process, ensuring the superior quality and long-lasting durability of our Hammerton Studio outdoor fixtures. Today, we’re still the only major brand to do so. Protect your outdoor lighting investment with the industry’s best lifetime limited coastal finish warranty!

*Applies to the lifetime of the original purchaser, in the original residential installation. Warranty coverage is non-transferable.
**Within 10 miles of a seacoast. Warranty coverage as of April 2023.

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