At Hammerton, meticulous attention to quality and detail extends well beyond the production facility. We also take several extra steps to ensure our light fixtures look as good coming out of the shipping crate as they do going in. For example:

Fixture being crated


– We design and engineer every fixture to ship securely, assemble seamlessly and install easily on-site

– We ship each fixture in a crate that is custom-built onsite to accommodate the unique requirements of that fixture

– We use bio-stable foam to help support fixture parts and minimize vibration during shipping

– We take 10-15 photos during the packaging process to keep visual records of all components and parts that are packed in each crate

– We install shock tags to monitor movement during shipping

– We do our final quality control check of each product before it is sealed in its crate, and we conduct random checks of sealed crates to ensure that our packaging standards are being consistently met

– We only work with a few top-quality freight carriers, and we schedule carrier shipments to minimize physical handling en route

Rest assured that your Hammerton fixture will be crated and shipped with the same level of care and attention to detail that was used in its fabrication. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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