Project Spotlight: Bayshore Beauty

With a focus on livable luxury, Tampa-based CZ Designs transformed a 4,000+ square foot Bayshore Boulevard condominium into a stylish and functional masterpiece. Integrating unique elements from around the world, principal designer Carin Zwiebel created an environment that seamlessly blends contemporary design with eclectic detail and fully embraces a panoramic oceanfront view.

Hammerton Studio Parallel Ring Chandelier

Lighting was key to the success of this carefully curated project. Zwiebel’s selection of Hammerton fixtures was rooted in the brand’s ability to offer a wide variety of styles, metals, and customization options, allowing for a sophisticated and unique look.

Hammerton lighting played a crucial role in creating distinctive focal points in various areas of the home. Zwiebel explains, “The Hammerton Signature Verdi chandelier added a sculptural element that perfectly harmonized with the bespoke dining table and chairs, while the intricate Nebula chandelier became an eye-catching centerpiece for the kitchen.”

Hammerton Signature Verdi Chandelier

From the elegance of integrated Cristallo marble in the backlit bar to the rich custom wood cabinetry, CZ Designs masterfully blended diverse elements into each space, working to capture the client’s vision. The residence boasts a rich tapestry of materials combining leather and velvets, glass, metal, and even horsehair. According to Zwiebel, CZ Designs’ design philosophy is inspired by the words of well-known designer David Hicks: “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”

Hammerton Studio Nova LED Linear Pendant Chandelier

This stunning waterfront project stands as a testament to the creative vision, passion, and skill of the team at CZ Designs, elevating the concept of livable luxury to new heights. Browse more of this Hammerton-infused home below.

Hammerton Studio Gaia Round Pendant Chandelier

Hammerton Studio Gaia Tempo Sconce

Photography: Rickie Agapito | AOFotos

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