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Anyone familiar with Hammerton’s design sensibility can see how architects Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene Brothers have significantly influenced our work.

Wright’s Prairie School and Charles & Henry Greene’s bungalow-style designs shared strong roots in traditional Japanese architecture and the principles of the Arts & Crafts movement. Their styles were all about clean lines, bold forms, authentic materials and meticulously handcrafted details that lent aesthetic appeal to pegs, joints and other functional construction components. All of these design elements were deployed in their work to celebrate both the high art of craft and the role of architecture as a connection between interiors and the natural world. Wright called this “organic architecture.”

These same principles represent the stylistic foundation of Hammerton’s design aesthetic, and some or all of them can be found in virtually every light we build. Take a look at the gallery above to view and read about some of our favorite “organic architecture” inspired custom designs.


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