Integrating different types of materials into a single design can result in a delightfully surprising light fixture that pleases the eyes and captivates the imagination. However, it’s impossible to do this well without an intimate understanding of each material, and the knowledge and skill set to transform that material into an integral design element of a functional fixture. That requires a lot of time and resources – which is why many lighting manufacturers limit the palette of materials they use in their designs.

While Hammerton’s roots are based in steel fabrication and mountain rustic lighting, we’ve long since evolved into a “materials agnostic” lighting designer and manufacturer of a broad range of lighting styles. From woven steel mesh and artisan glass to parchments, eco-resins and rawhide, the materials we embrace in our designs have become an integral part of our evolution as a leading American lighting manufacturer.

We invite you to browse through the gallery above to view some of our favorite custom fixtures that feature an often surprising mix of materials and reflect the sensibilities of our imaginative design team.

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