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You may not have heard of ecoresin before, but you’ve most certainly seen it. This translucent co-polyester sheet material can be found almost everywhere you look. In the interior design world, it’s most often used as a decorative architectural panel that diffuses light from one space into another. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, and it is heat formable. Perhaps the most innovative characteristic of the material is that decorative elements can be suspended within the resin – think leaves, geometric shapes, etc. Another beautiful characteristic of ecoresin is the significant amount of recycled content it contains.

Several years ago our design team took a good look at this material and found it was a perfect alternative to traditional lens materials like glass and acrylic, and Hammerton became one of the first to use ecoresin in the fabrication of light fixtures. Today we use the material in a variety of interesting ways, primarily as a means of incorporating an organic aesthetic into a contemporary fixture design.  Take a look through the gallery above to see how ecoresin can lend an elegant and earthy aesthetic appeal to luxury lighting designs.

You can view more of our ecoresin light fixtures and lens materials by browsing through our various collections, which range from rustic and industrial chic to contemporary and modern. If you’re looking for more assistance, contact one of our team members by emailing info@hammerton or calling 801.973.8095.

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