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“Where do I start?”

This can be quite a daunting question when considering custom light fixtures for your home. Usually, the best first step is the most straightforward: simply consider the home’s architecture and overall aesthetic design.

Your goal may be to create a bold modern fixture for a industrial-style urban loft with an abundance of concrete and metal finishes, a dramatic old world fixture to offset hand-hewn stone walls, an organic contemporary piece to update a timber frame retreat, or a countless number of other options.  Whatever the case, consider different forms, materials and colors to coordinate with the home’s structural design, furnishings and finishes.

Custom homes featuring distinctive architectural details and interesting materials are a great source of inspiration for the Hammerton design team. We also look to a home’s natural surroundings and views to form an idea for a fixture design. In the end, your home’s architectural design is one of the most important factors to consider when designing custom fixtures.

Browse through the gallery above to view some examples of custom fixtures inspired by their surrounding architecture and environment. If these pieces inspire a new design project, contact one of our team members at Hammerton to discuss your ideas for a luxury custom light fixture.

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