Since so many homes today have casual side entrances, it is easy to overlook your formal entryway décor. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the entry is the first area guests see when they visit your home, so overall design and atmosphere will affect first impressions. And as we all know, first impressions count!

Since the space in your entry is often limited, a central light fixture often provides the best opportunity to set the aesthetic tone for your home and reflect your unique personality.

Warming up your home’s architectural aesthetic with an entryway light fixture can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • Drum Roll: What’s more versatile than a drum shade pendant? You can even add a diffuser to soften the light for a more luminous glow. A customized drum that incorporates a delightful pattern or decorative accents will surprise guests with a splash of personality and enhance your foyer’s interior design.
  • Consider Various Materials: Add a touch of unexpected luxury to your entryway by using unconventional materials for your light fixture. At Hammerton, we craft fixtures from a wide range of rich materials including polished steel, textured glassmeshmica, parchments, organic eco-resins, wood, acrylics, textiles, lashed rawhide and semi-precious stones. 
  • Double (or even Triple) Up: If your entryway is long, narrow and tall, you might consider installing a row of large pendants to evenly light the space and add some drama.  Or consider grouping several smaller pendants at staggered heights to provide an interesting alternative to a traditional chandelier. A combination of pendants, sconces and table lighting is also an effective way to add layers of light to your entry and provide some lighting flexibility.
  • Consider Architectural Details: Let your home’s architectural style help determine the style of your entry fixture. Both exterior and interior architectural details can influence your decision. For example, if your home features a rustic, mountain style, a dark mica chandelier with an antique iron finish from our Log & Timber Collection can help create a cohesive look.

Adorning your entryway with the perfect light fixture can be a difficult task without some element of customization to get the look and scale just right. At Hammerton, we routinely modify fixtures from our catalog to coordinate with our clients’  décor. Or we can work with you to design a completely unique entry fixture from scratch. Contact us today!


A row of contemporary light fixtures
A row of contemporary light fixtures adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to long, dark entryways.


A light fixture crafted from complementary materials can create a dynamic and luxurious look for formal entryways.


This clean and spare drum shade elegantly conceals its light source to exude a warm and inviting glow.


A rawhide chandelier
A lashed rawhide chandelier from Hammerton’s Log & Timber Collection adds a splash of personality to this home’s rustic interior decor.
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