When it comes to good interior design, more often than not, less is more. This rule applies to every aspect — including decorative lighting. Often the most interesting fixtures are those that showcase one particular design element — form, scale, materials, lamping, etc. — in elegantly simple yet unexpected ways.

Take lens materials, for example. Lenses are often incorporated into fixture designs solely to assume the functional role of light diffusion, with little concern for aesthetics. But a lens can also be deployed as a “mood maker” that creates a distinct atmosphere through the diffusion of light through various materials and colors. And, with careful consideration, a lens can also serve as a surprising design element that adds drama and interest to a space.

At Hammerton, we work with a variety of lens materials, including blown and fused artisan glass, acrylic, rawhide, mica, fabrics, parchments, hand hewn stone and a variety of eco-resins. You can find a complete line-up of our Hammerton lens materials here and our Lightspann lens materials hereTake a look at the gallery above and see how we’ve featured lens materials in a variety of fixture styles.

Organic Inspired Dining Light
The lens diffuser in this PL2108 dining light from the Hammerton Contemporary collection features a banana leaf weave to underscore the fixture’s organic aesthetic.
Custom Leafy Ecoresin Pendant
This custom pendant is transformed by a leafy ecoresin lens material, delicately scalloped to subtly create the whimsical look of a parasol.
This custom chandelier features hand-hewn panels of honey onyx stone
This custom chandelier features hand-hewn panels of honey onyx stone that create both visual interest and a wonderfully warm atmosphere in any space.
Old world style chateau cover sconce
A light mica lens material extends the old-world feel of this CS9147 cover sconce from the Hammerton Chateau collection.
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