Before landing their starring role, kitchens were mere workhorses designed purely for function, and aesthetics were a superfluous concept. But now that kitchens are on full display for all who enter the home, aesthetics and functionality are expected to work together simultaneously as top design considerations. Every aspect of the kitchen – from appliances and cabinetry to countertops and flooring – have been reinvented to accommodate the kitchen’s new “crown jewel” status in the home.

So when it comes to kitchen lighting, boring, task-oriented pendants just don’t cut it anymore! Fixtures are now expected to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic design while also providing additional ambient, task or accent lighting. Thoughtful kitchen design seamlessly incorporates lighting to define work spaces, accentuate architectural or interior details, and connect the kitchen with surrounding spaces including living, dining, office and outdoor areas.

Featured here are several kitchens with Hammerton and Lightspann light fixtures that provide both aesthetic and functional value.

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