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While every design decision can make the difference between boring and beautiful, lighting can  make or break it all in a bathroom. This space requires light fixtures to perform a subtle balancing act.

Of course, bath light fixtures must provide the proper amount of both task and ambient lighting. As the Lighting Association of America explains, “decorative wall fixtures placed on each side of the mirror will provide the even, shadow-free facial illumination necessary for daily grooming tasks.” But the aesthetics of the fixture itself are just as fundamental.

The key is to choose fixtures that simultaneously provide proper illumination and enhance the bathroom design by adding visual interest. One of our favorite strategies for achieving beautiful and functional bathroom lighting is to introduce materials in new and unique ways.

Take glass for example. Perhaps the most common bathroom material, glass frequently falls victim to the same function-focused applications over and over again. Yet glass serves as a marvelous artistic canvas, incorporating light, color, texture and sculptural form in a single medium. It has the capability of elevating bath design to a whole new level, even on a budget.

At Hammerton we’re helping clients look at glass in interesting and unusual ways that take bath mirror sconces from drab to dramatic. Shown are a few examples. Let us know what you think!

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