Ever notice a light fixture that just doesn’t fit the space it’s in? This is a common mistake, perhaps most frequently made in the dining area. A significant sum will be spent on an oversized custom dining table, and then an off-the-shelf light fixture will be forced into service above it. Usually that fixture is too small, hangs too high or too low, or doesn’t throw off sufficient light.

That’s why we offer Hammerton customers the ability to modify the size and scale of virtually all of our catalog fixtures – so lights can always fit their intended space and purpose.

That means we do a lot more than simply alter the rod length of a chandelier. We’ll increase or decrease specific dimensions or overall scale, carefully engineering every aspect of a fixture to accommodate added weight or torque. We’ll frequently change shape or geometry. We’ll even incorporate additional lamping to address specific task or accent lighting requirements.

As the entertaining hub of most homes, dining areas often boast unique architectural elements or custom tables that demand lighting to suit. So it’s not surprising that dining lights top Hammerton’s list of most frequently scaled and modified catalog fixtures. Recently we doubled the size of a fixture to accommodate a client’s 12 foot dining table. For another client, we re-engineered a popular mesh drum light into an elliptical shape to complement an oversized oval table. A few of the hundreds of dining lights we’ve scaled or otherwise modified are featured in the gallery above.

Crafting light fixtures to satisfy a customer’s unique specifications is a process few manufacturers are willing to undertake. It’s not easy to do, but the results are worth it.Contact us to discuss scaling or modifying a Hammerton catalog fixture for a particular project.


Linear Mesh Dining Light
This modified version of dining light PL2159 from the Hammerton Contemporary collection has been scaled to 140% of size.


Linear Dining Light
This dining light PL2152 from the Hammerton Contemporary collection was scaled to complement a client’s 12-foot dining table. The suspension system was re-rengineered to accommodate the added weight of the new fixture.


Contemporary Dining Light
A modified PL2150 from the Hammerton Contemporary Collection.


Contemporary Dining Light
A scaled version of the Hammerton contemporary dining light PL2099.


Chateau Style Linear Dining Light
Dining light PL9201 from the Hammerton Chateau collection, scaled to 150% of normal size to accommodate the large dining table beneath it. The scroll detail had to be modified to keep the decorative base proportional to the longer fixture length.


Mesh Dining Light
Another PL2159 dining light scaled and modified to accommodate a long narrow table. The fixture features just one row of cylinders, and puck lights have been added underneath for additional task lighting.
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