Design Inspiration – Rimelight

 Inspired by the ethereal winter image of ice-flocked tree branches, Rimelight glass is defined by sparkling panels of crushed, kiln-fused glass. You may not be aware that the thick frost often seen on objects in the freezing morning temperatures of winter is called ‘rime’. This seemingly insignificant natural phenomenon is incredibly beautiful in the early light and was the source of inspiration for one of our most popular textured glass options – Rimelight.


Rimelight textured glass swatch
Rimelight textured glass starts out simply as a sheet of flat glass and pieces of broken glass. The broken glass pieces, also know as frit, are made using excess material from our glass blowing operations. Frit is sprinkled on top of flat glass and fired in our kilns until they partially fuse to the flat glass beneath. The fused glass sheet then goes on to a second firing process where it is slumped on a mold to form a shape determined by the intended fixture design.

Our Textured Glass and Parallel Collections are some of our top selling collections, and Rimelight is our top-requested glass texture option. Take a look below to see why this captivating material is such a favorite:












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