The term “cover sconce” often conjures up images of utility-focused light fixtures that are rather unremarkable. At its most basic, the cover sconce is not much more than a simple frame and lens, frequently deployed as a last-minute solution to add illumination to a space without taking up a lot of space or drawing a lot of attention, right? Wrong.

“Simple” cover sconces can actually elevate interiors, adding not only functional value with task lighting but aesthetic value with beautiful designs. By playing with form, scale, lens material and frame, even the simplest cover sconces can transform a space.

In the way mesh creates an urban look and rawhide exudes a western feel, lens materials can showcase colors and textures that nod to specific interior styles. Embellishments such as finials, crystals, banding and stencil patterns or motifs can then be added to personalize cover sconces to achieve a distinct finish.

  • Jewel Light Sconce
  • Tempest Light Sconce
  • Rawhide Lighting Pendant
  • Fish Lighting Sconce
  • Rawhide Gold Sconce Lighting
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