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Blown Glass Pendants – Handmade Works of Art

The captivating qualities of artisan glass make it an ideal choice for lighting that doubles as a striking work of art. Hammerton Studio offers a variety of luxurious hand-blown glass pendant lights, each handcrafted by Hammerton’s talented team of glass artisans. Available in a wide range of intriguing shapes, the allure of Hammerton Studio hand blown glass makes it the perfect statement piece. 

The style and versatility of Hammerton Studio pendants can enhance the aesthetic appeal of virtually any room. Add a touch of art over your breakfast bar with a ceiling fixture from our jewelry-inspired Gem collection, or elevate your bedside or bath vanity with our modern Rock Crystal pendant. Incorporate a swag hook for the perfect placement of your pendant light.

How do we craft these works of art? Our talented team of glass artisans melt glass to 2,300 ℉ and then blow and cast the molten glass into visually intriguing shapes. Most Hammerton Studio glass designs reflect the combined talents of both our glass and metal fabrication teams, since we design and fabricate all our glass jigs and tooling in-house. In fact, our metal fabrication capabilities allow us to create unusual geometric and organic designs that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Which is your favorite art piece?








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    Dandelion Hanging Lamp by Moooi Source: Lewis / Schoeplein Architects via Houzz

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