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Artists create works of aesthetic beauty. Engineers create products that function seamlessly. Curtis Evans does both — exceptionally well.

As an imaginative young boy obsessed with construction, mechanical design and art, Curtis designed and built most of the toys he played with – from free flight airplane models made from balsa and tissue to radio control cars – and took every art class he could.  “I am self-taught in most everything I do,” says Curtis. “I research every aspect of what I’m trying to accomplish and if I can visually imagine how it all comes together, it usually does.”

After a few years in the automotive and plumbing industries, Curtis joined Hammerton in 2000 and quickly became one of the company’s best custom metal fabricators. Since then, he has held several fabrication team lead roles as well as positions in quality control, custom product design and product development, developing a broad knowledge base and exhaustive skill set along the way.

Today, Curtis is the remarkable talent behind many of Hammerton’s recent product introductions. He brings his enormous creativity and solution-oriented mindset to all of his design work, and is equally as comfortable using Solid Works as he is fabricating or running CNC equipment. “What I most enjoy is using my talents in creative ways,” he admits.

Outside of work, Curtis continues to pursue lifelong passions, although on a considerably larger scale. He designs and builds R/C cars, airplanes, helicopters and multi-rotors, and he is a prolific painter as well as an avid fisherman, carpenter, tattoo artist and biker. He even built the motorcycle he rides to work each day.

“And I can pretty much fix anything,” adds Curtis with a smile. “That’s kind of important in my line of work.”

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