Brilliant chandeliers are often relegated to our home’s more formal areas, while in the kitchen —  “the most utilitarian room in the house” — we usually settle with predictable pendants or function-focused ceiling lights. But in recent years, kitchens have become much more than a functional space for daily cooking tasks.

Dressing up the ceiling with an eye-catching chandelier is an easy way to dial up the aesthetic appeal in any kitchen. A chandelier transforms what’s traditionally viewed as formal lighting into a functional fixture for the kitchen, and can add an impressive and unexpected designer touch.

When selecting a kitchen chandelier, keep these important points in mind:

Create a Focal Point: Hanging a chandelier above a central workspace — e.g. a kitchen island or breakfast table  – is a bold way to enhance visual interest. It also makes the space appear more voluminous by drawing the eye upward.
Consider both Aesthetics and Function: Kitchens need lots of light, so make sure that your chandelier provides a meaningful light source as well as eye appeal. Choose a chandelier with lots of light output and consider fixtures with downlights to directly illuminate work surfaces or high traffic areas. Reflective materials can also help magnify the light. Avoid chandeliers that primarily direct light upward.
Choose Materials that Enhance the Space: Chandeliers that repeat materials and finishes already used in the kitchen can create a sense of harmonious balance, but consider adding a splash of personality. For example, introducing a new material with a complementary design palette can provide an unexpected visual “twist” on existing interior elements. In a monochromatic kitchen, a chandelier can be cleverly deployed to add a surprising pop of color.
Focus on Scale: Scale is a very important but frequently overlooked design tool. In an expansive kitchen, standard size chandeliers are often too small for the space, so consider either a custom-sized chandelier or a pair of standard sized chandeliers or large pendants. Conversely, a large or ‘visually busy’ chandelier can easily overwhelm a smaller kitchen.
Layer Kitchen Lighting: As Houzz describes, there are seven levels of illumination that should be considered in a kitchen lighting plan: countertop and general lighting, under-cabinet task lighting, over-cabinet up lighting, accent cabinet lighting, supporting sconce fixtures, ceiling lighting, and a central accent fixture. A well-chosen chandelier can satisfy your central accent and ceiling lighting requirements, and eliminate the need for several functional ceiling cans.

Finding the perfect “off-the-shelf” chandelier that fits every functional and aesthetic requirement can be difficult. At Hammerton, we routinely accommodate our customers’ unique specifications by scaling or modifying existing fixtures from our catalog. We also frequently work with customer-specified materials and design custom fixtures entirely from scratch.

Contact us if you’re interested in lighting up your kitchen with an impressive chandelier.


Contemporary Drum Chandelier
From Hammerton’s Contemporary Collection, both the island light and bar pendants in this luxurious kitchen are scaled to perfection and beautifully complement the surrounding finish materials.


hand-sculpted Hammerton Seriph chandelier
The slender contours of this hand-sculpted Hammerton Seriph chandelier can create a uniquely refreshing style for both traditional and contemporary kitchens.


Seriph chandelier
A close-up of the Seriph light from the previous photo shows how our artisans can reinvent a classic aesthetic for contemporary kitchens.


Three contemporary pendants
Three contemporary chandeliers serve as the focal point of this beautiful breakfast room. A geometric fixture can add an unexpected touch of modernity to an open kitchen.


Chateau style chandeliers
Smaller scaled chandelier can add an understated touch of elegance to a spacious kitchen.


A chateau style chandelier that doubles as a pot rack
This eclectic fixture also shows how a light can be designed as a functional source of illumination, as well as a useful pot rack.


A central kitchen chandelier can also do
A central kitchen chandelier can also do “double duty” as a functional pot rack.


 rawhide light shades
This Hammerton table light’s lashed rawhide shades underscore the rural country style of an English kitchen.


Old world chateau style chandelier
The graceful proportions and sophisticated metalwork of this impressive Hammerton Chateau chandelier exudes a classic, Old World feel.


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