To find the perfect marriage of design and materials in a proportionally scaled light fixture is extremely tough, and few do it well. However, you can achieve both precision and artistry with one of our original designs from Hammerton’s Seriph Collection.

Our Seriph Collection features slender contours of hand-sculpted steel crafted into graceful scrolls, organic serifs and whimsical knots. Hammerton’s modern interpretation of old-world scrollwork pays tribute to a time-honored aesthetic, which can be seen in Seriph’s spiraling pendants and chandelier suspensions, and on the base of sconces and ceiling lights.

Seriph can bring a uniquely refreshing style to contemporary and transitional homes. Our collection showcases a variety of organic serifs which can give any room an effortless flair.

Every Hammerton Seriph fixture can be customized with a variety of options. You can choose from 14 metallic finishes, eight mottled finishes and four premium finishes. We offer a selection of shade materials, eye-catching lenses and motifs to coordinate with any interior decor.

If you have a particular design idea in mind, contact us to discuss creating a custom light fixture. Hammerton is well equipped to handle projects that require custom scaling or other modifications to catalog products, and we routinely work with customer-specified materials. We also design original light fixtures completely from scratch.

Whimsical chandelier
Slender contours of steel hand-sculpted into graceful scrolls, organic serifs and whimsical knots capture a uniquely refreshing style suitable for a variety of interiors.
 old-world whimsical scrollwork chandelier
Hammerton’s Seriph collection reinvents old-world scrollwork to create a modern interpretation for transitional and contemporary homes.
Whimsical scroll work pendant
Every light fixture in Hammerton’s Seriph Collection can be customized with a variety of lenses, finishes and shade materials.
Whimsical scroll work pendant
Elegant Seriph pendants can give any room a unique flair.
Whimsical scroll work sconce
An understated Seriph sconce can give a traditional home an unexpected transitional twist.
Whimsical scroll work sconce
Seriph sconces can complement artwork, but they can also stand alone as a subtle work of functional art for empty wall space.
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