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Outdoor: The Case for Dark Sky Compliance

Our Earth’s daily cycle of light and dark govern sleep, nourishment, reproduction and other life-sustaining behaviors throughout the world’s ecosystems. Nocturnal animals are active entirely at night. Birds that migrate or hunt at night navigate by moonlight and starlight.  Sea turtle hatchlings rely on the brighter night horizon to guide them across the sand to the water.

The devastating impact of artificial light on virtually all plants and animals is well documented by scientific research, and the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) now serves as the lighting industry’s authoritative voice on the issue of light pollution.  An increasing number of municipalities and planned communities across the U.S. are requiring IDA approved lights because they minimize glare, reduce light trespass and don’t pollute the night sky.

But if you’ve ever looked for architectural quality IDA approved light fixtures, you know they aren’t easy to find.  Most are entirely function-focused and offer little aesthetic appeal.

The good news? Many Hammerton Studio outdoor lights are now IDA approved, including our new Bridge and Arch sconces and several styles from our Maison, Double Box, Half Round, Square and Bamboo designs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Browse through our outdoor collection and look for the IDA seal of approval to find your preferred look.

Learn more about the International Dark Sky Association here .