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Our love affair with woven mesh began in 2005, when Hammerton introduced this humble material to the decorative lighting world.  Our design team fell in love with mesh because they saw remarkable potential that transcended its utilitarian nature.

Mesh magically pairs strength and softness, volume and airiness, simplicity and sophistication – all simultaneously.  Substitutes like perforated metal cannot compete with the surprising elegance of mesh. But it’s also very delicate and challenging to work with, which is why genuine woven mesh isn’t widely used in the lighting industry.

Our earliest mesh designs were conceived in collaboration with our design clientele, and we quickly discovered that the material offered infinite design possibilities. Mesh is ideal as both a diffuser and a decorative element, and it creates a dramatic layering effect in combination with glass, textiles and other media. The weight of the mesh weave is key to achieving a desired look. Sheer fine mesh, for example, gives fixtures an elegant and airy feel while heavier mesh creates a more urban aesthetic.

When the Hammerton Studio brand was introduced in 2014 it was clear that mesh had to play a major role in it.  Today, we offer three styles of mesh across four collections: Uptown Mesh, Downtown Mesh, Tweed and Outdoor.

The inspiration for Downtown Mesh actually came from a dumpster.  In 2012, one of our product designers pulled a piece of it out of an industrial recycling bin. Intrigued by the interplay of ripple and parallel wires, he set to work bending and shaping it in round and rectangular forms – and the collection was born.

All three mesh styles remain tremendously popular today. Indeed, when common materials are used in uncommon ways, the result is often magical.