Dark Sky Certified Lighting: Know The Facts

An increasing number of municipalities and planned communities nationwide require International Dark Sky Association (IDA) certified outdoor lights. But what does this mean?

‘Dark Sky’ refers to the absence of artificial light in the night sky, which has become an increasingly rare phenomenon. In fact, the night sky over many cities is hundreds of times brighter than the natural starlit sky, and the devastating impact of artifical light on virtually all plants and animals is well documented by scientific research.

The International Dark Sky Association is the authoritative voice and leading organization combatting light pollution worldwide. IDA certified lights minimize glare and light trespass, and they don’t pollute the night sky.

The problem is that it’s very hard to find architectual quality IDA certified outdoor lighting. Most are function-focused with minimal architectural appeal. Furthermore, most outdoor lights marketed as “Dark Sky friendly” actually do not carry the IDA certification seal of approval, and often fail inspection after they are installed.

The good news? Many Hammerton Studio outdoor fixtures are certified by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) or include IDA-compliant options. All include a choice of three AAMA 2604 finishes that offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Discover our selection of Dark Sky lighting below.

CASCADE: An ideal complement to contemporary and modern architectures, this crisp linear outdoor fixture offers the perfect balance of aesthetics and function. A sparking artisan glass diffuser casts 3,000K LED light downward through cascading rectangles of precision-cut metalwork. Offered in two sizes.

BEACON: Reinterpreting an old-world lantern silhouette in artisan blown glass, the Beacon Sconce offers a timeless yet relevant look that suits a wide range of architectural styles.

DOUBLE BOX: Our top-selling outdoor fixture style, this contemporary lantern sconce features a nested box design with an open outer frame and a frosted glass inner lens.

MAISON: This versatile box-style sconce juxtaposes contemporary lines with the rugged look of hand-hewn stone in a blown glass lens. The LED light source is cleverly concealed to direct light downward in compliance with Dark Sky regulations. Offered in a choice of two blown glass styles and two sizes.

MANTLE: This modern outdoor fixture pairs an intriguing silhouette with downward directed 3,000K LED light diffused through a slumped artisan glass panel and crisp bands of precision-cut metalwork. The Mantle sconce is offered in 18”H and 24”H sizes.

QUAD LANTERN: This contemporary lantern design combines a clean-lined silhouette with eye-pleasing details. Choose from two chilled glass lens options.

RANCH: A timeless vintage look makes the Ranch Post Mount suit many of today’s most popular architectural styles. Also available in outdoor pendant and sconce styles.

SINGLE BOX: This popular 18″H box style outdoor wall sconce features AC LED lamping to minimize energy consumption and fixture maintenance. Includes a frosted seeded glass lens.

SQUARE OUTDOOR COVER SCONCE: Hand textured, kiln-fused glass is paired with ruggedly durable aluminum construction and includes optional metalwork detail. Select from a choice of two IDA-compliant kiln-fused glass diffuser styles and three sizes.

TORRENT: Featuring a rectangular metal façade, this deceptively simple outdoor design casts 3,000k LED light downward on both sides through glittering panels of textured ‘Rimelight’ glass that’s kiln-fused by Hammerton artisans. Offered in 18”H and 26”H sizes.

AVENUE: With its straightforward rectangular design, crisp architectural lines and eye-pleasing glass detail, the Avenue Outdoor Sconce beautifully suits today’s leading architectural styles. Available in 18″H and 26″H sizes.

HALF ROUND COVER SCONCE: Two inches wider than our outdoor square cover sconce and with similar options, this half round sconce makes a big design statement. Hand textured, kiln-fused glass is paired with ruggedly durable aluminum construction that’s marine-grade pre-treated and guaranteed to last for as long as you own the fixture. Choose from two IDA-compliant kiln-fused glass colors and three sizes.

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