Starburst Chandelier: The Comeback of the Sputnik

Detail of a Hammerton Studio Gem chandelier with matte black finish and gem-shaped crystal glass light shades.

Starburst Chandelier: Origins

An icon of mid-century modern design, the Sputnik chandelier has re-taken mainstream design by storm because of its nostalgia and surprising versatility.

Named after the first satellite launched into space in 1957, the Sputnik chandelier became a hit in the mid-20th century when the world turned its eyes to the sky. It was an exciting time for exploring new frontiers, including design. Mid-century modern design is characterized by clean simplicity and integration with the natural world, captured by the sputnik’s starburst shape.

Hammerton Studio Starbursts: Sputniks that sparkle

As a forerunner in industry-leading lighting design, we capitalized on the aesthetic power of the sputnik chandelier as a platform for showcasing the captivating beauty of our artisan blown glass. Each of our starburst chandeliers pairs integrated LED lighting with one of six hand-blown glass shade styles. Each shade has a distinct shape and is a unique one-of-a-kind artisan creation that refracts the LED light in surprising ways.

Hammerton Studio’s starburst chandelier has 6 different options of glass shade shapes, including: Gem, Rock Crystal, Blossom, Hedra, Aalto and Fiori. All are applicable to a wide range of interiors, including mid-century modern, mountain rustic,  transitional, contemporary and beyond.

A Hammerton Studio Fiori oval chandelier hangs perfectly over a beautiful dining room table

Whether you are remodeling or building new, Hammerton Studio’s starburst chandeliers make a timeless statement of luxury and elegance. Shop starburst chandeliers today.

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