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Hammerton has pioneered an innovative finish process that combines the rich color, depth and character of traditional wet paints with the rugged durability and environmental compliance of powder coats. So you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for longevity or weather resistance, even in the harshest climates. Our finishes are also VOC-free and can contribute toward LEED credits.



Hammerton is one of a small handful of lighting manufacturers that offer environmentally friendly alternatives to plated finishes that don’t compromise aesthetics for beauty and durability.

Hammerton Studio products don’t include brushed chrome or other plated finishes. Why? Just Google “metal plating facility + Superfund” and you’ll find over 80,000 reasons why. Metal plating, also called electroplating, is a highly toxic process due to its heavy reliance upon dangerous chemicals and compounds like cyanide, chromium and cadmium. As a result, most metal plated light fixtures are manufactured in China and other countries that have significantly lower environmental quality standards.

Metallic Finishes

A popular choice for contemporary and transitional fixtures, Hammerton Studio metallic finishes combine lustrous color and beauty with the highest standard of durability. They are also environmentally compliant and can contribute towards LEED credits. All Hammerton Studio fixtures can be ordered in our four metallic finishes.

Gilded Brass
Matte Black
Flat Bronze
Metallic Beige Silver

Translucent FinisHES

For interior fixtures, we offer premium patina finishes that require extensive hand polishing and special finish coats. The translucency of these beautiful patinas highlights the artisan-crafted beauty of the underlying steel. Translucent finishes are offered in our most popular collections.

Satin Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Heritage Brass







Our AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2604-rated finishes are among the most durable & weather resistant finishes available, and can carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Learn more about our outdoor finishes here > 

Statuary Bronze
Textured Black
Argento Grey