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Like a sparkling diamond ring or a bright sunflower, these new ‘Radial Ring’ designs dazzle. Featuring bands of hand-polished steel and organic-inspired blown glass shades, Radial Ring chandeliers are both stunning and functional. Each glass shade incorporates integrated LED lighting, taking the place of traditional bulbs while elevating the handcrafted character of the fixture. ¬†Additional LED down lights emit plenty of energy-efficient and long-lasting task lighting.

For grand interior spaces, choose a two-tier Radial Ring chandelier to add radiant light, airy volume and double the drama without obstructing views.

Choose from three different artisan blown glass options available in the Radial Ring to capture the right style for your space.

Gem Radial LED lit ring chandelier in warm modern room

Gem Radial Ring

The ultimate jewelry for the home, artisan glass ‘gems’ evoke diamonds emanating from the sleek, hand-polished steel band. A blend of organic and modern styles makes the Gem Radial Ring suitable for a range of interiors, from contemporary and modern to rustic and transitional. Choose from four glass colors and eight finishes.

Rock Crystal Radial Ring

Capturing the raw beauty of natural rock quartz, our Rock Crystal artisan blown glass boldly accentuates the radiant quality of this fixture style. The bold glass shape paired with the sleek modern ring makes this fixture suitable for modern, contemporary, and organic interiors. Choose from four glass colors and eight finishes.

Blown glass led ring chandelier featuring blossom glass in a modern contemporary living room

Blossom Radial Ring

Delicate and feminine like a floral crown, each ‘Blossom’ glass shade is a one-of-a-kind artisan creation that exudes casual sophistication. Choose from eight finishes.