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Hand Blown Glass Pendants

Decorative yet practical, hand blown glass pendants can elevate the aesthetic appeal of just about any room in the home. Not only do they provide task lighting, but they also offer a prime opportunity to put a decorative flourish on a space. Indeed, the entire design of a space can be defined by a single pendant. A popular go-to solution for kitchen islands, hand blown glass pendants can also add an elegant touch to a powder room, bath, or bedside table. Shop some of our most popular hand blown glass pendant styles below:


Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers

The captivating qualities of hand blown glass make it ideal for chandeliers. As a design material, glass provides a limitless platform for innovation because it combines light, form, texture and color in a single medium. It’s also ideally suited to today’s interiors. Most Hammerton Studio glass designs reflect the combined talents of our glass and metal fabrication teams since we design, engineer and fabricate all our glass jigs and tooling in house.  This has allowed us to incorporate unusual geometric and organic designs into our hand blown glass chandeliers that you simply won’t find anywhere else. See a few favorites below:



Hand Blown Glass


Versatile and eye-catching, hand blown glass multi-ports make a statement in any space. Ideal for stairwells, high ceiling foyers or great rooms, kitchen islands or as a focal point in a great room, the possibilities are endless. Thick handcrafted glass has a sublime optic quality: optic wraps beautifully refract light, and chilled textures create dramatic displays of light and shadow on surrounding surfaces. Many of our most popular hand blown glass shades are available in a variety of multi-port configurations. Take a look:


Hand Blown Glass Sconces

Hand blown glass sconces, especially when paired with integrated LED, provide an artistic yet functional wall lighting option. The unique qualities of the individually hand-crafted shades means dramatic displays of light and shadows in hallways, bathrooms, bedsides and staircases. See popular Hammerton Studio hand blown glass sconce styles below:

Hand Blown Glass Outdoor Lighting

Not just for the indoors, hand blown glass lighting is also offered in outdoor fixtures. With great versatility, hand blown glass outdoor lighting can reinterpret old world lantern silhouettes or channel more organic shapes. See a few examples below: