Good task lighting can make the difference between a bright and a dark (literally!) start to your morning. Since bathrooms function as our main grooming centers, it’s important to make sure your task lighting evenly illuminates key areas, such as your mirror and/or vanity.

Shadows are unflattering, especially when they’re cast below our eyes. This occurs when there’s only one light source coming from above. So, for adequate task lighting, it’s best to place light fixtures above and below, as well as on both sides of the bathroom mirror. For optimal results, stick with warm fluorescent vertical wall sconces applied with a cross-lighting technique. This will produce even lighting for a space that should be free of irritating glare and shadows.

Of course, the rules for task lighting may vary from bathroom to bathroom. A lot depends on how large your mirrors are, as well as your bathroom’s interior décor – bright colors enhance lighting, while dark colors subdue them.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, larger mirrors that are 36 inches or more in width may require a different plan. NKBA suggests placing a more powerful light fixture over larger mirrors to eliminate dark shadows near the center. In contrast, smaller bathrooms require one fixture above, as well as one on each side of the mirror. A central ceiling light – which can be a decorative one – can also help brighten up vanity countertops.

Good bathroom task lighting also requires that you use the right light to produce “natural, complexion-flattering properties.” Most designers recommend using incandescent bulbs in the bathroom to produce this desired effect. However, compact fluorescent fixtures are a good alternative since they demand less electricity, while still producing a warm color and a flattering effect.

Light fixtures that perform task lighting are essential for carrying out day-to-day activities. If you’re interested in brightening up you bathroom for practical purposes, Hammerton can craft wall sconces in a variety of styles to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic. Contact us for more information.

Sleek bathroom sconces
Sleek wall sconces that exude a flattering, yellow glow can add warmth and vitality to an ultra-contemporary bathroom.
Two contemporary wall sconces and a central chandelier
Two contemporary wall sconces and a central chandelier can brighten up an expansive mirror, as well as a vanity countertop.
Textured glass sconces
Textured glass can create visual interest for functional task lighting. Most designers recommend using incandescent bulbs in the bathroom to produce complexion-flattering effects.
Unique over mirror lighting.
A single fixture with a unique shape can illuminate key sections of the bathroom, including the area above a sink or vanity.
Textured glass sconces
Long wall sconces placed on either side of a bathroom mirror can perform adequate task lighting for day-to-day activities.
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